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Did you know our Association offers matching grants up to $1,200 per church/per year? Click the image to apply. 


Value of the Association and Giving


Church Offering


Sample ACP

Please keep in mind that the ACP questions change from year to year. This will give an idea of what is required on a yearly basis in order to keep the church's 501c(3) active.  Failure to fill out a yearly ACP could jeopardize not-for-profit status.


ACP’s arrive at the NWIBA around the first or second week in July and are distribued to individual churches as soon as possible.  We request that ACP's be completed and returned to the NWIBA no later than the first week in September so that we can incorporate your church’s statistics into our Book of Reports for our Fall Meeting. Please don't hesitate to contact our office with any questions or concerns.

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